I’m not rejoicing about our new President today. I’m very disappointed with the way this election went. But I’ve been through disappointing elections before, and we have survived. I would like to think we can come out ahead. (And by WE I mean Democrats and liberals.)

Losing by such a slim margin hurts a LOT for sure, but it also reminds us why we wanted to win. We will be reminded many times over the next four years why we wanted a Democrat in the White House. That should energize us. It will give us a reason to band together, rather than nitpick about small details.

I suggest anyone who is on the losing side of this or any other election check out this guide: Indivisible

This is a guide on how to communicate your views to your Congressional leadership between elections. There are more elections to come, and many votes will be called between now and the next Presidential election. Don’t get depressed and hibernate for the next four years. Get out and be heard.